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What is hCG?

hCG  stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced in large quantity by the placenta during pregnancy .  Researchers discovered hCG in the urine of pregnant women in 1927.  Its function is to manage the woman’s metabolic processes.  hCG is what most pregnancy tests test for in a woman’s urine to know if she is pregnant. 

hCG has been found  in EVERY human tissue, including in males and non-pregnant females . Scientists have even found hCG in lungs, liver, stomach, etc.

One of hCG’s functions is to protect the fetus from being rejected.  When you think about it, genetically 50% of the embryo belongs to the father.  The father’s genes, in essence, are like a foreign body to the mother.  Accordingly, the mother’s body could reject the embryo.  hCG helps to prevent that.  In fact, when a miscarriage is imminent, blood levels of hCG abruptly decline.

The late British doctor Dr. ATW Simeons, born in London and degreed in medicine (summa cum laude) at the University of Heidelberg, was the first to discover hCG’s relationship to weight loss in the 1950s.  In fact, in 1954, Dr. Simeons published his first report (Lancet) on hCG and the management of obesity.

Dr. Simeons found that his patients tolerated a very low calorie diet without headaches, weakness and irritability which is common to other weight loss programs.  Perhaps more importantly, people on his protocol were able to maintain their weight loss far better than those on other programs.  Further, his patients lost more body fat as opposed to body weight than those on other weight loss programs.

Dr. Simeons hypothesized that hCG also regulated the hypothalamus which is responsible for the excessive abnormal fat accumulation seen in obesity.  He noted that the hypothalamus can re-regulate itself due to pregnancy, menopause, major medications, trauma or stress.  (See Table of Contents for Dr. Simeons’ original protocol, Pounds & Inches.)

Dr. Daniel Oscar Belluscio, Director, hCG Research Center, discovered the Oral hCG Method or protocol.  After 25 years of experience with Dr. Simeons’ method of hCG, Dr. Belluscio developed an oral method of taking hCG, as opposed to receiving injections.  Since 1993, Dr. Belluscio’s method of choice has been the Oral hCG Method approach.  His clinical results and studies were posted in 1992 over the Internet to allow people more information on this very successful weight reduction program.   (See www.hcgobesity.org  and/or www.oralhcg.com.)  Aside from the obvious attraction of an oral absorption over receiving injections, an additional benefit is that you can continue on the oral protocol for an indefinite period of time, achieving greater weight loss.

According to Dr. Belluscio, the hCG protocol is a safe and appropriate approach to obesity.  It combines pharmacological, behavior modification and dietetic aspects.  When properly managed, it results in a rapid weight loss and excellent body contour.  This oral protocol has allowed tens of thousands of people to realize miraculous and permanent weight loss results.  Stubborn fat, located in the hips, buttocks and thighs, melted away.


How the hCG Diet Works…

How is hCG used for weight reduction?

Intuitively, we all know that weight loss generally occurs only when fewer calories are taken than the body uses.  The use of hCG makes calorie restriction dieting easier because you do not get the hard to manage symptoms of traditional diets such as headaches and uncontrollable hunger.  More importantly, hCG specifically targets fat from abnormal fat storage areas like the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks. With traditional calorie restriction diets, fat is often preferentially lost from more essential structural fat areas such as joints, foot pads, face, under skin and even around internal organs.  The hCG diet results in safer weight loss while providing a sculpting effect.  Accordingly, the weight loss is not only noted on the scale, but the visible results are fabulous.

The hCG protocol is very low calorie, will I get hungry?

Because hCG utilizes stored body fat, making it available to the body as an energy source, one’s appetite is naturally reduced.  On the hCG protocol, excess stored fat provides approximately 80% of the calories the body uses.  Therefore, the body is getting the energy it requires so it does not trigger the brain to signal the need for more food.  Even though your calorie intake is reduced, your body can access the energy stored in fat cells. However, while very unusual, hunger is a remote possibility during the first week of the protocol.

Wouldn't I lose the same amount of weight eating a very low calorie diet without hCG?

While it is true that the amount of weight lost with pure calorie restriction approximates that lost with an hCG diet the following points should be considered:

  • With hCG there is no hunger or craving and patients are comfortable. In fact, an hCG diet frequently elevates mood and increases energy.
  • Traditional very low calorie diets also rob calories from other soft tissues, such a muscle and connective tissue as well as essential fat storage around organs.
  • Because essential structural fat under the skin and in joints is spared and abnormal fat areas only are targeted. This effect results in improved body contour with more inches lost.
  • Fat is lost from the most commonly desired areas (hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen etc.).
  • Weight loss is far more easily maintained.

How will I feel while on the hCG diet?

People are typically very comfortable while on hCG and often experience an increase in energy and positive mood.  Symptoms such as headaches, mood swings or feeling lightheaded DO NOT typically occur.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

In one typical 30 day cycle women can lose between 8 and 20 lbs.  In a 60 day cycle you can expect a weight loss of 35 pounds or more.  Men generally lose weight at a faster rate than women.   If you desire even greater weight loss, the oral protocol we provide allows for you to continue until goal weight is attained. 

How much does it cost?

There are programs being offered by physicians that cost thousands of dollars.  Other web sites offer hCG programs costing in the hundreds, and they have no health care professionals involved.  Our licensed pharmacist has designed a complete hCG weight loss protocol that is available for less than $46-$85 per  first 30 day protocol.  The best part is that we pre-mix the oral or nasal solutions so you don’t have to mess with measuring different compounds, hoping you get it right.  For most people, the savings on food costs more than offset the cost of the entire program!   


My hCG Story…

In January of 2009, at 54 years old, I weighed 180 pounds at 5’9”.  I am small boned so I had a lot of body fat.  I was a size 14-16.  However, I was very healthy!!  I had tremendous energy, my blood pressure was great, and my yearly physical was an A+.  I had one small (big?) problem … I was 40 pounds overweight and had been for the last 19 years.  According to the U.S. Government, I was on the cusp of being obese!!

I had been thin all my life, 5’9”, 135 pounds and a size 8 (I still have my Flight Attendant uniform and my wedding dress to prove it.)  People were always trying to “fatten” me up.  I didn’t marry until I was 33 and was pregnant at age 35 with our first baby.  As I gained weight I never worried because I just assumed it would all go away after the baby was born.  I had never had to worry about weight gain before, why should it be different now?  Right?!!  Well, I had a healthy 9 pound baby and the weight never came off.  I went from 135 pounds to 190 pounds.  I nursed my baby, knowing it was the healthiest thing to do, but also assuming it would help me lose the extra weight.  Didn’t happen.  I was able to lose 10 pounds which got me to 180 pounds and that is where I stayed.  Three years later,  another baby.  Unfortunately, I again gained weight, this time to 195 pounds.  Blessed with another healthy baby, I nursed and then stayed at 180 lbs … for 19 years.  In those 19 years, I exercised, dieted, used thyroid medication and would lose a little but always gained it back within a few weeks or months.  It seemed that my body had reset itself to stay at 180 pounds. 

Finally, in January of 2009, I was introduced to hCG.  I researched it, asked my pharmacist about it, talked to people who had successfully used it and decided to try it.  I could find no known side effects.  I even contacted a women’s clinic in California that has been using hCG therapy for years and was told that they have seen no side effects, that it has been 100% effective and has helped women from 16 years to 82 years of age to shed excess body fat.  They also told me that hCG worked even faster with men (see Kevin Trudeau’s personal experience in his book, “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You To Know About”).  Since I have been successful with hCG, losing 30 pounds in 55 days, I have been hearing more and more about doctors recommending hCG for weight loss.

Since I had a trip planned to Hawaii with my family, I discontinued the Oral hCG Protocol so I could enjoy my family trip and the wonderful island cuisine.  I maintained a 2 pound weight gain/loss limit the whole time I was vacationing.  I weighed myself daily.  If I gained a pound or two one day, I would lose it within a day or two.  I just seemed to hover at the same ending weight.  Oh, my gosh, I realized I had reset my hypothalamus to my ending weight!!

I am currently on my second round with hCG.  I am losing the last 15 pounds which will get me to my goal weight of 135 pounds, my weight prior to my first pregnancy.  I feel as if I have my old self back.  For 19 years I would look in the mirror and not particularly enjoy the reflection, even sort of denying that it was me staring back.  Trying on new clothes brought little satisfaction.  Now, after years of settling for a look that was just not what I envisioned for myself, I am shopping for a whole new wardrobe of clothes I truly enjoy wearing.  I have to pinch myself every time I look into that mirror!!  That reflection is me!  I’m back!!!

During the Oral hCG Protocol, I was seldom hungry and had no food cravings.  I felt great and energized.  As I lost the weight, I was amazed as I watched my body’s transformation each and every day.  It was as though my body was reshaping itself back to the body I once had.  Gone were the cellulose and the problem fat areas. 

I also knew that the Oral hCG Protocol was working because I wasn’t hungry.  That meant that there was enough excess abnormal body fat for the hCG to use.  hCG will not go after the essential structural fat around your organs or in your brain; it will only go after excess abnormal fat.  Just as when a mother is pregnant, the hCG will ensure that the fetus is nourished but not at the expense of the mother’s health.  Our bodies are truly a divine miracle when you think about it!   It is estimated that when you are doing the 500 calorie diet, hCG puts about 2000 calories from stored body fat into your blood stream every day … which is why you’re not hungry.

This has been a wonderful journey for me and I will continue this journey until I attain my goal weight.  I will also continue in this journey by eating healthy… avoiding the foods that contain addicting trans fats and high fructose corn syrup, or aspartame, msg, nitrates or dyes.  My passion now is to pay it forward, to let others know of this protocol.  I am forever grateful that I found this diet.  I am believing that all of you will have success with the Oral hCG Protocol and that your journey will be easy, fun and full of energy as you get to your goal weight.

Oh, and I also recommend you get more mirrors.  You’re gonna like what you see…


Paying It Forward

This website is about paying it forward, you know, like in the movie (Pay It Forward; Kevin Spacey, Haley Joe Osmet).  Don’t just return favors, do new good deeds for new people. 

I had been trying to lose weight for a long, long time.  Luckily, early in 2009, I was told about Dr. Simeons' hCG weight loss protocol, and finally found something that worked for me.  However, it was so confusing to get started.  I spent hours and hours on the internet educating myself and then talking to pharmacists and doctors who were familiar with hCG.  After being successful with this protocol and helping others, I soon found that I was overwhelmed with people still wanting to learn more and wanting to get started.  Together, my pharmacist and I put together this website to “Pay It Forward.”  We wanted others to know about this protocol so that they, too, could drop the unwanted weight in a simple, fast, natural way. 

We have tried to put everything you need to know, and then some, on this website for your ease and understanding.  We have added resource websites to help you further your education.   We have included recipes to help you along the way.  We even have an easy and inexpensive way for you to order your hCG (with or without a prescription).

Please know that there are also doctors and weight loss centers that offer Dr. Simeons’ protocol (most are doing injection therapy…ouch!).  I realized, however, that they were very expensive.  I was introduced to this inexpensive option that worked so well for me and others that, again, I wanted to share it … and to pay it forward.

My background?  I’m a Wellness Educator.  I lecture and offer workshops about how to eat healthy.  Nutrition is very important to me.  I really focus in on eating fruits and vegetables … something Americans seem to have forgotten about.  When you think about it, what are the most important fuels our body needs?

·         Oxygen

·         Water

·         Fruits & Vegetables (complex carbs & fiber)

·         Protein

I am passionate about what I do.  I realized that I have a BIG servant’s heart … I enjoy helping people, especially with their health.  The biggest altar call today is for HEALTH!  Americans are just not very healthy today; especially our children.

I had always been healthy and thin (see My hCG story), until I became pregnant at age 35.  Then I went from a size 8 to size (gulp!)14-16. My physicals were always outstanding … except for being 40 pounds overweight!  As a Wellness Educator, I knew that 40 pounds overweight was on the cusp of being obese which comes with lots of health complications. 

Being just 40 pounds overweight can increase a person’s risk of:

·         Heart attack by 360%

·         Cancer by 80%

·         High blood pressure (hypertension) by 266%

·         Type II diabetes by 2060%

·         Arthritis 400%

·         Dying sooner by 110%

(reported in Time Magazine)

Since nutrition was my passion and being a Wellness Educator was my profession, you can imagine that losing that extra 40 pounds was important to me.  I wanted to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.  I wanted to look the part.  Dr. Simeons’ hCG protocol allowed me to do that easily, inexpensively, naturally and with NO HUNGER. 

The amazing part is that you lose weight while you sculpt your body.  Gone is the cellulose, gone are the lumpy areas.  In the Resource Section, you will be able to see obese people who have lost large amounts of weight and are not flabby.  In the Resource Section you can read the research where they have shown that this particular weight loss protocol allows the person to lose body fat not just body weight (which could be fat AND muscle, protein, etc.). 

This hCG protocol is broken up into Phases.  We have laid them out so that you have one sheet per Phase so it is easy to understand.  Dr. Simeons thought that events such as pregnancy, menopause, major trauma, major medication and high stress could reset an individual’s hypothalamus and allow them to gain more weight.  One of the Phases is where your hypothalamus is reset.  I have reset mine.  I can’t believe that no matter what, I seem to stay within 2 lbs. of my ending weight of this protocol without gargantuan effort!

Enjoy this enlightening E-Book on the hCG Protocol that Dr. Simeons discovered.  Included are easy recipes, resources and tips for success.

Feel free to order your hCG with ease as well as the sublingual (under your tongue) Pre-Mix & Kit.

Should you need coaching, I would be happy to help you.

Our objective is to provide the most inexpensive & simple way of doing the hCG Protocol.

 Enjoy your weight loss!! And then “Pay It Forward” … tell others about this website:


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